Another Case Fulfilled

So once again I’ve been busy working on another pillow cover over the weekend. However, I was only able to get one done. But I’m hoping to get the other finished before the week is finished. I didn’t have much time last weekend to get it done so this is what I have to show you so far. Below is my newest addition.

A Kola Rose Designs pillow case

A Kola Rose Designs Pillow Case

Back of pillow case

I think the pop of color goes well with my bedding. Can’t wait till I have the matching pair to display on the bed. For the next several weekends I’ll be working on pillow covers and posting them on here so if your interested let me know. I’ll need the size and it will be a custom cover for your pillow(s).
By early next year I’ll have some (others) to sell. These that I have posted are my trial and errors. I have so much more I’d like to share with you but for now this is all I can share. So I hope you enjoyed seeing, “my work in progress”. I’m loving how their all coming together.


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