It’s a New Year so that means in with the new and out with the old! So how are you organizing your home? BHG has some great ideas. Such as this image below. Mason jars are excellent for organizing your toiletries in the bathroom. Stack your towels in an open shelf above your toilet or below your vanity if you have room.Another great organizing solution is to store any unused towels, paper towels, or toilet paper in your laundry room (again only if you have room). I know some laundry rooms are small but this is easy to accomplish in any room really. Most of the time we only look at the floor space and forget all about, the “wall space”. Don’t be afraid to hang some cabinets or open shelves to store items you need.  Sara Richardson displays this from the picture above. I’m also a fan of trays being used in different ways. She has all the detergents and other stain removers all neatly placed in a tray. It looks so put together and organized. Thanks for viewing have a great weekend everyone!

p.s. I’m going to work on my chair I wrote about the other day So hopefully I’ll have some work in progress photos to upload before the weekend is done.



Mother Nature has her way of bringing out natural beauty. Below is a simple way of incorporating some into your own home.The parquet flooring left in its natural form gives a cute rustic feel to the living room. I like the sun beam mirror too which complements the decor. Thanks for viewing!!

Photo via Wisteria

Song of Style: Morning Chill

In my recent search for a topic to write about I came across Aimee Song a fellow blogger. Below are some pictures she took of her bedroom design (which is still a work in progress).Everything flows together without disrupting your eye flow. What attracted me most, is this high (tufted) headboard! The pillows are a nice break in color without taking away from the bed. I’m such a fan of mirrors above side tables. The antique mirrors gives the room some charm. To view Aimee’s blog you can check it out here. Happy hump day and thanks for viewing.


Sunday I spent most of the day running errands and also looking for some new items to work on and bring to life, in the New Year. Part of my New Years resolution is to finish what I’ve started. So that being said I’ve decided to finally get started on this chair I bought over the summer (see below).I must admit. Even though I haven’t started on this project yet. I’ve been searching around for the perfect fabric and I finally found the one. It looks a bit masculine but I think it will bring out some character in the chair and I love it!

Another find is this lovely 6-light iron chandelier.I’ve probably looked at this a dozen times before I contacted the seller from, “Craigslist”. I was of course pleased to know it was still for sale. So I’ll be purchasing it this week. Be sure to check back soon to see the final result.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to share. I’m still deciding on what color to paint the iron…I’m thinking black or maybe gold. What do you think?

Color of The Year…

Goes to, “emerald green”!

Via Lennoxx

Via Lennoxx

via Decor Pad

via Decor Pad

Hey, I remember seeing this fabric on a website not too long ago. The mini bar looks nice along side it too.

via Overstock Art

via Overstock Art

So tell me if and how you’re going to introduce some green into your home decor if you don’t already have it? Are you going to jump on the Emerald Green bandwagon color of the year?
Happy Friday and have a safe and enjoyable weekend!!

Happy New Year!!!

29836416251002866_YTJphsZE_cOriginally this post was to go like this…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fun and enjoyable night ringing in the New Year. 2012 is now a day past and a new day means a New Year. 2013 I can’t believe how quick you’ve come around. This year I’m hoping for new opportunities and growing my business. I’ll have some new inspirations to continue coming your way. So for now cheers and be merry! However the last couple days in the old year I had a family emergency. Towards the end of 2012 was lets just say not so great I’ve already had a few members of my family pass away and recently my mother in the hospital so this explains my absents again)! But I hope to hear more from you in the new year and post more inspirations!! So again Happy New Year!!