About Kola Rose

Hey fellow bloggers thank you for taking the time to check out more information about myself and what I do. Everyone calls me Kola which is my nickname that was given to me by my oldest sister, and Rose is my middle name.

As a kid I always had a talent for being creative. However I didn’t know what I wanted to do. After graduating from high school I attended my local community college. Still not knowing what I wanted to do I took a semester off. My mother insisted I go back because she knew I was never going to go back if I took any longer off. The next semester I enrolled into another local college. There I studied Visual Communications and got my Associates degree as a graphic designer.

I began my interest in home decorating when I realized that I was abandoning my home, and it began to show someone elses personality. So I took the initiative to do something about it! I started with my bedroom since that’s where I spent most of my time. From there I redecorated my bathroom and I’m currently working throughout my house one room at a time. It’s taking some time. But it’s getting there little by little.

Here’s what you’ll get from my blog.
Information regarding products I use or would like to test out. Pieces of furniture/accessories for the home that I like or how I could use them within a space. Basically I’m here to talk about my inspirations and hopefully inspire you the same with some of my tips and suggestions. I’m not a professional designer but I’m self teaching myself and learning things from others as I go along.

My style is clean and airy. I don’t like cluttered rooms with items that don’t serve some sort of purpose. I love color but nothing too crazy or insane but I love it when they can come together and work well within the space.

Again thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon with any comments or help!



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