Shop Your Home

The holidays are rapidly approaching and you want to dress up your home but you’re already strapped for cash. Think of it as your on a budget, need new clothes, but don’t have any funds to shop for new items what do you do?! You shop your closet as they say. So why not apply that same rule to your house? Nowadays everyone’s looking for a bargain. But the truth is you may already have things in your home you can reuse as something new. Start by borrowing from one room and placing it in another for a different use. For example, you may have sheets that have either shrunk in the wash or just don’t like them for the room anymore. Use those same sheets as either a tablecloth or turn it into curtain panels.

Or, if you’re a wine drinker…take that same wine bottle (remove label) and use it on a daily basis. Put your favorite beverage in and serve to your guest(s).

Now here’s another example for you to think of. Ever thought of putting a chandelier in your bathroom?! Well, I did just that in mine. My father had this lovely piece in the basement just sitting there. I asked him to clean it up and let me put it in the bathroom. It gives the room character and it’s not something you would think of.


Dress The Chair

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Most chair covers that you see. Their swallowed by the material that you don’t get to see the beauty of it’s legs. When I thought about a chair cover I thought about it like a woman. We love to flaunt our figure and show our legs that drive the boys wild! So I came up with my own design for a cover. If the legs are in the best condition why not show it off? What do you think?

Getting The Deal To Close!

Every day as I drive to and from work I see a lot of homes on the market to sell. Some are magnificent.  Others are just plain down outright hideous!! Unfortunately, some families can’t keep their homes any longer. Either they bought way too much house then they can actually afford. While others lost their jobs, had to take a pay cut or some other reason(s) that left them in this situation. The end result; sell or foreclose your home.

On the upside of things it’s a buyer’s market! Buying a home now is the best move to make. Mortgage rates are low and that house that you’ve been dreaming of just could be yours for the taking…or maybe not because so many others are bidding for the same one. But that’s just it!! There’s something about that particular house that has everyone drooling over.

What makes this house so different then the other house down the street? Maybe, it’s the architectural build the custom built-ins, square feet, you get where I’m going with this. But aside from these important details you see soon as you walk in. The house is decorated!!

A staged home usually sells quicker then a house that’s not. The reason for this is a potential buyer likes to walk into a home to see how the room is being used. What’s the function of the room? Is it a family room or is it a formal living room? Does the bedroom serenade you as you walk through the door? Or does it scream help me?

A house is already a HUGE expense. so when a buyer comes in they want to see how they’ll be able to layout their own furniture. So minimal is better then clutter. Next time you put your house on the market think about leaving a few pieces in your old home to give the new buyer some imagination to play off.

Something Borrowed & Something Blue

Blue & White Pillow

When I came across this print from my late grandmother’s collection of fabrics (something borrowed). I immediately began to think of a beach themed bedroom. White panel walls. Antique/roughly used sailing paddles along the entry wall. Natural woven linen drapes dance along the open breezy windows. Across from the bed is a distressed aqua-blue dresser with glass antique knobs. As you can tell I’m just imagining the room in my head. From this one fabric I was able to transfer a room in my mind. I bought these small pillows to match my duvet set. But I like to swap out different colors throughout the year. I decided to make use out of it more then just for a few months. So here you have it! I’ve created new pillow cases to go with my sheet set (something blue).

Drape This!

So my latest design is finally posted! This is the fabric that I recently bought. The unfortunate part was they no longer carried this so I just used it for my guest bedroom. It looks a little orange-ish because of the flash and lighting in the room. But overall I LOVE IT!!! I’m working on some new fabrics so check back soon!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

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While I was out browsing for items for my brand. I came across this duvet cover. My client was in desperate need of a make over in her room. She currently had light & dark brown silk drapes behind her bed which I played off. I’ve paired the bed with 2 euro pillows located in the far back to give the bed a more fuller look. From there I pulled the colors from the drapes on to the bed. Which is the main focus of the room.

This bedroom lacked character and needed a little sprucing up. I installed small mirrors behind the lamps to give a little contrast. While working on a small budget I was able to come across some fabulous finds in my search!  Both tables I bought from Marshall’s for about $100. The tray in front of the lamp fixture is from my personal collection. I added some candles to make the look complete for about $8.00. Boxes at the bottom of the table are from Home Goods about $80 total. The mirrors behind each lamp were about $70 total.

At the foot of the bed. We needed to add storage and a seating area. The room didn’t have any place for a chair so the bench works in more than one way! I loved the leather tufted seating. It gives the room some texture.

I hope you enjoyed looking through the room as much as I enjoyed decorating it!