Latest Venture

I was hoping to write yesterday as I’m home on Monday’s from work. But really that day is reserved for errands & cleaning house. While I was busy doing the above. I had a decision to make write about something yesterday or work on something and write about it early this morning before going to work. So that’s what I did. I made a set pillow case yesterday! At some point I’d like to sell them but for now I’m just getting the dust off my crafting skills. Over a year and a half ago I posted some pieces of my work. For my first client I made drapes for their living room and kitchen. I also dabbled in making a roman shade and custom chair cover and for my first time I did a pretty good job! I was impressed by it myself actually. Below is my latest…

These are my existing euro pillows. The pillow cases that I had previously when I purchased them matched the sheets (khaki color-wise).  I removed the previous pillow cases and replaced them with a new pair!
Sorry for the photos looking a bit fuzzy, I took them last night and was so excited to show it to you today. I’ll have better quality ones soon to show off. I’m hoping to get to another set completed this weekend. The pillow cases, they are interchangeable. You can change them at anytime.
I almost forgot, yesterday was Cyber Monday. Did you find any good deals?!


Black Friday Decor

Today I’m dedicating this post thats everything black in honor of, “Black Friday”. Don’t worry I have a couple items that may remind you of what to go out and look for too.

Chanel Tennis Racket

Tennis Anyone?! Well this is something that you might want to add to your Christmas list this year if your into this sort of sport. I remember seeing Kris Jenner with one like this on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. How cool is this an inlay of names on a path as you walk into, “the secret garden”. I wonder what magical wonders could be waiting inside there?Exposed brick with black window trims. As black drum light fixtures hang from the ceiling. This kitchen gives a masculine feel into a loft-like kitchen.This I think is a great item to snag just in time for Black Friday deals. The black washer and dryer matches the cabinetry and blends well.This area rug and that dog, so cute! You can tell a graphic artist or someone artistic works in this space. I wonder where I can find a rug like this to put into my work space as well.After all that holiday shopping, you’ll be wanting to cozying up next to the fire with some hot chocolate and marshmallows… yum!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a week and a half. But unfortunately it’s going to continue to be a bit longer because of work. It’s the busiest time of the season for me in the salon. Yes, I’m a hairstylist and during the holiday’s its extremely busy. By the time I’m done with my clients during the day I only have enough energy to shower and go to bed. I promise though in the coming weeks I’ll try to post something inspirational at least once or twice a week. For now enjoy your Turkey’s and Black Friday deals. But most importantly be safe this holiday weekend.

Turkey wrapped in bacon. I can only imagine how yummy.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is one of the most important details in everything we do. Especially in your home. Take a look at some of these finds I’ve come across.Copper hanging lamps!!! This is GORGE to say the least!!! This would look great in either a kitchen or an industrial loft. I’m rooting more towards the kitchen. Picture dark kitchen cabinetry with matching copper pulls and light tile flooring.
Green with envy! Imagine the light coming through the beading of this. But this will be an amazing focal point in an entry way to any room or even your foyer.

Hail the Queen of England. A chandelier dripping in pearls can we say GLAMOROUS!!Disco party in the dining room. But it must look great when it’s lit at night.
Twigs placed under floating candles sets the mood for the occassion.
Thanks for viewing and enjoy the weekend!

Outside Living Quarters

Outdoor spaces are more commonly used as added square footage. So what are you doing with yours?! Everyone could use a little extra room. Better get a move on it before the summer rolls around again next year. Here’s some ideas of what you can incorporate in your project.
I love the concrete flooring. The patio looks screened in but the blinds are a nice touch to give privacy when needed. Lots of greenery brings some of the outdoors inside.A glass room kitchen, cooking in the outdoors without mosquitoes and other pest. It’s like a rainforest built around the kitchen. I could only imagine what it must look like at night. Cooking under the stars and the moon.A romantic evening for two. Or a great place to have a quiet gathering with family and friends. This also is a good scenery for a romantic movie. Maybe two of my favorite co-stars Julia Roberts & Bradley Cooper. They should star in another movie again. Remember Valentines Day?!
All I need is a bottle of wine and a good book to read. This could be my great escape from the crazy outside world.Speaking of escape here’s another one for you. Imagine getting a massage, with the ocean waves crashing against the shore. I’m thinking Mexico at an all inclusive resort. If you don’t have plans for a vacation anytime soon you can create a space similar to this at home.

Again something at home to relax after a long day at the office. Patio furniture and a large outdoor mat will keep up with the outdoor weather. The draperies also gives an added softness to the concrete and wood modern living room space but used with outdoor materials to hold up with the weather.

Thanksgiving Setting

It’s that special time of year again where families get together to give thanks. I can’t believe how quickly the year has already swung by. Next week is Thanksgiving, and I’m pretty sure it’s probably crept up on others such as myself. Now I’ve got to get the preparations together for this festive holiday year. The decorating of course I’ll be handling. The cooking well that’s another story however, I’ll leave that to my older sisters to handle.

Workflow Tuesday

While some of us enjoyed a long three-day weekend. Others weren’t so fortunate. But no worries the weekend will be back again before we know it. I’ve always envisioned being able to work from home myself one day. For now I’ve come across some inspirations I had to share with you.

Do you have a spare bedroom that you’ve converted to an office? Or a room that was specially built to be an office?  Thanks for viewing!
Kola Rose

The Art of Tiles

So many options to choose from when it comes to looking for the right tiles for your space. There’s ceramic, glass, tin, plastic and yes some wood. Then there’s the choice of interlocking or the good old fashion grouting route. There’s new shapes, sizes and textures. Take a look and tell me what you think.I had to save the best for last as you can tell. The mosaic tile work is spectacular to say the least. The person who put this together had an impressive imagination. Who ever the creater is I would sure love to see more of their work. So if anyone knows this picture please send me info. If your working on any home improvements please share some photos.

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Summer is over…bah-humbug! But don’t fret, you can keep warm with one of these duvet covers from Blissliving HomeHowever, no bed would be complete without accessorizing!! So pile on the pillows.You can find these pillows and more at CB2, West Elm and Wisteria. Is anyone working tomorrow (Veteran’s Day)? If not, enjoy what’s left of the three day weekend!

Anyone Feeling A Bit Thirsty?!

The weekend is finally here and it time to go out and celebrate. You’ve made it through another week. Working countless hours at your desk or with some not so easy every day clients. Whether your preparing to go out and make the best of it with friends and family. Or staying in to enjoy your favorite cocktail(s) of the evening. Cheers to YOU! Whether its custom built-ins or portable. Here’s what I’ve come across for a weekend drink.

Dark & Masculine

An island breeze bar

Cheers to the weekend!! Two more weeks till Thanksgiving, whew where has the time gone?!