A WORK In Progress

Finally I’ve started fixing up organizing my home office! I’m so excited because I have my decorative storage container (Ralph Lauren cookie jar) on my desk! I still have some more work to do to the room itself but I like where it’s going!

The desk needs some cleaning up. So I plan to sand/strip the paint off and give it a new coat of color! Also swap out the knobs with something SHINY!

Instead of throwing out your glass candle holders use them for something! Here’s what I did with mine. I cleaned out the wax with hot water & dish soap. Then replaced it with tiny sea shells and votive candles.

I did the same thing here with a larger one but instead I used it to hold my pens!

Happy Monday, first day of the work week!
Thanks for reading.


From blah…to ahhh!

My new D.I.Y adventure around my house was fixing up this old cabinet and bringing it back to new. For years and years I’ve been looking at this (see below) for the longest time. And I’ve never had time to get around to it. Until recently, I was determined to get to it before I went on vacation to viva Las Vegas!!

Sanded to the bare…

And here’s my finished product!!

And there we have it a new look to my old cabinet. Tell me your thoughts. What projects do you have in progress? Looking forward to another beauty I plan to begin this week. Keep in touch to see what will come up next!

Enjoy your relaxing Sunday!!