Pieces I adore

The other day I shared with a recent find on the infamous “Craigslist”. Well I’ve come across some other fabulous items I picked up over the weekend. I originally went to buy this table. But ended  up coming back the next day for another which I also have show further below in my post.

When I saw this table it was like love at first sight! I kept going back to the site to see if it was still available and after enough thought I decided to call to see if it was still available. As to my relief it was still for sale! The former owner told me that she was having a garage sale and I asked her to please keep it to the side for me as I don’t want to chance it being put out & accidently sold to someone else. The next day as promised it was left inside for the new owner (me) to purchase. It would look lovely as a side table in a formal living room but for now it looks just as good in my bedroom. I didn’t realize that it came with a draw until when I picked it up. It’s perfect for little storage items. As I opened the draw I found some stampings in and below the draw that told me it was manufactured by Huntington. So just as I suspected this was made by one of the best!!

Just as I was leaving to put my new table in my car. I couldn’t help but noticed this other fancy item. The woman told me that all the proceeds were going to a charity for war veterans with disabilities. Which I was happy to I’m helping a good cause!

Very similar if not like the one from the Cococozy website. See below.

But as a temporary fix I just put some of the remaining fabric I had from my previous chair on this until I get my tools down here from CT to start upholstering it and putting the final touches to it.

I know the pic looks a little dark but I’ll reveal the real finish piece soon!

I can’t wait to show you the final touches to both the table & chair. Oh I almost forgot to mention they look very well together as a pair. If you haven’t notice they have the same ratton/wicker texture on them both. Who would’ve thought?!

Enjoy your mid-day Wednesday weekday!!


Where The Wilderness Roam!

Release your inner wildlife into your home. From the foyer to the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to add some pizzaz to your decor. Here’s some images below to give you some ideas of how animal prints can work with your room, and not look like it’s a piece of dead animal laying on the floor or on your sofa.

The chocolate brown walls and antelope-print carpet only compliments the room with layers of brown. The high beam panels along the ceiling brakes up the chocolate. But most of all what I love about this room is the vintage Louis Vuitton luggage that not only had been owned by JFK, but bore the president’s monogram. The  JFK suitcase serves as the family room’s coffee table, raised on a iron base. Again I love using old things with fresh new finds. Natural light from the huge window brings in a lot of bright light to fill this beautiful room.

OMG!! This room is to die for…ok well maybe not literally but I love loft spaces. I’m still planning of the idea of owning my own loft one day. But for now it’s wishful thinking. The original brick archways lead to the outside which are now fitted with French doors. Floor to ceiling draperies match the furniture and area rug.

Designed by the fame Johnathan Adler. He shares natural colors from the outdoors in for this magnificent sun room. The aquatic blue reminds me of the water or the sky, green from the grass and last but not least brown from the trees and the dirt! In this room it relates to it’s purpose and he shows it off the way it should be! This room is chic. Wouldn’t you agree?!

Photos: Traditional Home & House Beautiful

Happy Wednesday!