Temporary Love Seat Cover

Over this Thanksgiving holiday I was expecting my family to come into town for the weekend. My guest bedroom is a mess! Meaning it has almost everything in there but the kitchen sink to make it into a NY apartment! Okay, maybe not that bad, but It’s turned into my mothers personal closet/dressing room. Long story short cleaned it up as best as I could but I had to deal with the elephant in the room. Picture below.
IMG_3175.JPGIMG_3176.JPGAs you can see its old and seen better days. But I was in a jam and needed to do something QUICK. So this is what I ended up doing.IMG_3177.JPGIMG_3179.JPGIMG_3178.JPGTo secure the bottom and the sides I simply used some push pins to hold it in place. Now that the holidays are over looking at the fabric it gives me an idea that I just might use it to reupholster it sometime soon. For now I’ve gotta get back to my day job…transforming people with their beauty thru hairstyling.
Thanks for reading and see you guys again soon! Please leave any feedback or I for that might inspire or I can possibly help with.


I’m back!!

Ok so I’ve been gone now for about a year and half. But while I’ve been away from posting anything here I’ve done a lot. I’ve moved to the sunshine state! That’s right Florida & I’ve put myself back in school & graduated a few months back. However, since this blog has cobwebs and all over it I’ll do my best to update it since a lot has changed since the last time I’ve posted something. Today I’d like to show you. Something old turned new.

Below I have some before and after pics of a bamboo chair that I’ve purchased off the infamous Craigslist site. You know everything is a chance and a gamble and I chance it every time I see something on this site. But when I went to purchase this chair I fell in love with it when I actually got to see it in person. The owner was a pleasant middle aged Asian man. The reason he was parting with this piece of furniture is because he didn’t have any use for it any longer as it was in storage. Like they say one man’s trash is another’s treasure. And in this case I scored BIG!! I have some other pieces I purchased again from the same infamous site but I’ll share those with you tomorrow or at a later date!

Tell me your thoughts on my chair.
p.s. He has more of these chairs so I plan to purchase some more. I guess it’s from a dinner set or something but I’d like to sell them as I get them.

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Getting The Deal To Close!

Every day as I drive to and from work I see a lot of homes on the market to sell. Some are magnificent.  Others are just plain down outright hideous!! Unfortunately, some families can’t keep their homes any longer. Either they bought way too much house then they can actually afford. While others lost their jobs, had to take a pay cut or some other reason(s) that left them in this situation. The end result; sell or foreclose your home.

On the upside of things it’s a buyer’s market! Buying a home now is the best move to make. Mortgage rates are low and that house that you’ve been dreaming of just could be yours for the taking…or maybe not because so many others are bidding for the same one. But that’s just it!! There’s something about that particular house that has everyone drooling over.

What makes this house so different then the other house down the street? Maybe, it’s the architectural build the custom built-ins, square feet, you get where I’m going with this. But aside from these important details you see soon as you walk in. The house is decorated!!

A staged home usually sells quicker then a house that’s not. The reason for this is a potential buyer likes to walk into a home to see how the room is being used. What’s the function of the room? Is it a family room or is it a formal living room? Does the bedroom serenade you as you walk through the door? Or does it scream help me?

A house is already a HUGE expense. so when a buyer comes in they want to see how they’ll be able to layout their own furniture. So minimal is better then clutter. Next time you put your house on the market think about leaving a few pieces in your old home to give the new buyer some imagination to play off.