Browsing around today in my local Marshall’s I came across this beautiful candle lantern. It inspired me to illustrate on how I would decorate a bachelor pad’s bedroom.
20140116-212845.jpgThe store had two available which would be perfect for the space. Let me help paint the picture for you.
This room has warm neutral wall coloring. However to add a little more contrast I’ll add in some wainscoting and paint it. Below are some examples of what I have in mind.
20140116-225534.jpgThe picture above was a perfect find! The bottom wall color I would use exactly as is but in the bedroom. 20140116-225642.jpg This color swatch would be the wall paint. A few generic pictures would lay along the walls. Now here’s where the fun comes in. Those candle lanterns would be hung from a wrought iron hook above these (below pic) side tables by the bed.
20140118-102947.jpg The decorative throw pillows would be made of this fabric. It ties in from the actual ropes on the candle lantern.
20140118-103158.jpgThe bed covering would be displayed as a duvet cover. Again I’m taking some color from the walls and bringing it to the bed to tie the colors together.
20140118-105314.jpg Windows will be draped in the fabric shown below. I chose this because of the lines again reminding me the ties and knots to again pull together a nautical theme.
20140118-105938.jpgI love grommet hole drapes. Their easy to open and close. I love the pleating look it gives when open. So yes, just replace the fabric and you’ll have my design. The flooring is a dark stained hardwood as seen below with a area rug below the bed.
So now that you’ve read my visual design on a nautical bachelor pad. What do you think? Can you envision it?


Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Summer is over…bah-humbug! But don’t fret, you can keep warm with one of these duvet covers from Blissliving HomeHowever, no bed would be complete without accessorizing!! So pile on the pillows.You can find these pillows and more at CB2, West Elm and Wisteria. Is anyone working tomorrow (Veteran’s Day)? If not, enjoy what’s left of the three day weekend!

HomeGoods Find…

While I’m still here in CT. I couldn’t help but to stop into the local HomeGoods store. While browsing around in the Westport location. I spotted a blue & white floral euro sham. I almost fell over in the aisle by my sudden find. It’s plush and cozy!

Cynthia Rowley Decorative Euro Pillow

I was so relieved when I saw it was the last pair left in the store. However, I didn’t have such luck when it came to looking for a matching duvet cover. There was nothing left but Kings throughout…I’m not a King. But a Queen. And I rule the universe! Well metaphorically speaking of course. But no worries, I’ll make it work by pull the colors from the pillows into my bedding. For now these lovelies will be packed and shipped down to my sunny FL home.

What’s your latest store finds? Please share & post pics. Thanks for viewing and happy Tuesday!!