All Shapes and Sizes

Geometric shapes and styles are becoming more and more popular every where I turn. Don’t get me wrong I’m loving each and every one that I see. So I thought I’d share some of my finds with you. Plus a little more.
This mirror is a pretty popular design. It’s works great as an accent piece behind this desk.

Custom window detailing. I’m so loving this design.
Place wall paper on the back of your bookcase(s) to make it stand out a little more.

Can we say Moroccan?! The bed spread and curtains can do a better job. But I’d spruce this room up just a bit. I’d start by shopping my local Pier 1 or HomeGoods for example. Some pieces to really bring this bed to life. Remember the headboard would be the focal point. Such colors as purple, blue, pink or orange with touches of sequins. Accessories: elephants, budah, dragons, candles (scented) or incents. This room can really take on an eclectic touch.

Have any other ideas for any of these spaces? What do you think of my geometric findings? Happy Thursday!!


Dining – In Style

With the holidays rolling around the corner. These room will be getting a lot of attention. My favorite is the black on black. Which one do you like? How are you prepping your dinning room for the holidays this year?

Walk-In Closet: Every Woman Needs One

Like many women out there who don’t have the closet space that can fill up a room all by itself. But dream about having it some day. You’re not alone! How would you organize and/or decorate it. Here’s some inspiration for anyone looking to just that!If you have the attic space turn it into a full walk-in closet. There’s plenty of room to store seasonal items that aren’t in use. Plus, you’ll have lots of room to showcase your shoes, as shown above.
P.S. I love the silver wall paper along the ceiling.Talk about GLAMARAMA!!! I love everything about this room! From the black chandelier with matching tile chandeliers along the walls. To the huge gold mirror in the middle brings a pop of color against the pink and black. Last but not least, the houndstooth matching chair and ottoman pairs very nicely within the space.You can never go wrong with custom. This dresser shouts I demand attention… And boy, does it make its own statement in this small but functional space. A girl needs options. So put them on display! It’s readily accessible every time you need it. Now isn’t this easier than rummage for your shoes at the bottom or your handbags up top of your closet?Don’t forget to make room for your collection of jewelry. You never know when you’ll be looking for your favorite ones (which by the way, we know their all your favorite). Also, personalize your closet with photos. It doesn’t have to be just about clothes, and shoes.
Today’s the day to go out and VOTE!!! Enjoy your Election Tuesday.

Making A Grand Entrance

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk in to yours or someone else’s home? What would you like people notice that will be their first impression as they walk through those doors?! Here’s some inspiration for you!!

I must admit I love them all so I cant decide. But tell me how would you dress up yours? Happy Monday!
Sorry about yesterday I didn’t get to post anything. But I’ll post something for you Wednesday! Don’t forget to go out an VOTE tomorrow!!