Outside Living Quarters

Outdoor spaces are more commonly used as added square footage. So what are you doing with yours?! Everyone could use a little extra room. Better get a move on it before the summer rolls around again next year. Here’s some ideas of what you can incorporate in your project.
I love the concrete flooring. The patio looks screened in but the blinds are a nice touch to give privacy when needed. Lots of greenery brings some of the outdoors inside.A glass room kitchen, cooking in the outdoors without mosquitoes and other pest. It’s like a rainforest built around the kitchen. I could only imagine what it must look like at night. Cooking under the stars and the moon.A romantic evening for two. Or a great place to have a quiet gathering with family and friends. This also is a good scenery for a romantic movie. Maybe two of my favorite co-stars Julia Roberts & Bradley Cooper. They should star in another movie again. Remember Valentines Day?!
All I need is a bottle of wine and a good book to read. This could be my great escape from the crazy outside world.Speaking of escape here’s another one for you. Imagine getting a massage, with the ocean waves crashing against the shore. I’m thinking Mexico at an all inclusive resort. If you don’t have plans for a vacation anytime soon you can create a space similar to this at home.

Again something at home to relax after a long day at the office. Patio furniture and a large outdoor mat will keep up with the outdoor weather. The draperies also gives an added softness to the concrete and wood modern living room space but used with outdoor materials to hold up with the weather.


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