All Shapes and Sizes

Geometric shapes and styles are becoming more and more popular every where I turn. Don’t get me wrong I’m loving each and every one that I see. So I thought I’d share some of my finds with you. Plus a little more.
This mirror is a pretty popular design. It’s works great as an accent piece behind this desk.

Custom window detailing. I’m so loving this design.
Place wall paper on the back of your bookcase(s) to make it stand out a little more.

Can we say Moroccan?! The bed spread and curtains can do a better job. But I’d spruce this room up just a bit. I’d start by shopping my local Pier 1 or HomeGoods for example. Some pieces to really bring this bed to life. Remember the headboard would be the focal point. Such colors as purple, blue, pink or orange with touches of sequins. Accessories: elephants, budah, dragons, candles (scented) or incents. This room can really take on an eclectic touch.

Have any other ideas for any of these spaces? What do you think of my geometric findings? Happy Thursday!!


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