I Spy With My Two Eyes…

While I’m vacationing in sunny Florida I decided to check out one of the local TJ Maxx stores. After I had dinner with my sister and her husband at a restaurant called Bahama Breeze. Every time I come to Florida that’s a place I have to visit. Their live music bands and casual atmosphere to just sit there and enjoy the music is such a relaxing place to be. But anywho enough about that!!

As I walked around in this one particular TJ Maxx I paused and had take a double look at what was in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe that I came across a not 1, not 2. BUT 4 Chiavari Chairs. At best of all their CLEAR!!

Of course I already envisioned this being at my dinner table dressed with bright colorful linens just in time for the Easter celebrations. The chairs were only $79.99 each pair. If only I could find these back home in CT…if only!

Enjoy your Monday afternoon!
Thanks for viewing.


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