Good-Bye Domino Magazine

Last week one of my fellow bloggers Emily, House of Turquoise. Posted that Domino Magazine was no longer going to be in existence. Emily was able to grab some photos just before it was taken down. Coincidentally, I went to the library earlier that week to take out one of their books to get some new inspirations. I also took a look at the site because I couldn’t believe it. Low and behold the site that was once the home of Domino Magazine has now been forwarded to Architectural Digest.  So in honor of Domino Magazine I too wanted to pay my respects to them and share some of their past pieces of decorating. Here are a few of my favorites from, “Domino The Book of Decorating”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: pages will appear blurry, because the crease between both pages.

Happy President’s Day!!


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