How To Mix, Match & Decorate

Yesterday I received this e-mail from Ballard and they show how you can mix & match colors and prints. Without making it look too busy and crazy! The key is to pull the (multi) colors from the patterns and spread it through out. Always remember 60-30-10.

60: Wall Color
30: Furniture/Draperies
10: Accessories

Rug: 1. Catherine Rug

Fabrics: 2. Natural Danish Linen, 3. Off White Quilted, 4. Etiene, 5. Salisbury, 6. Natural Linen

Rug:  1.  Tahira Rug in Tan
Fabrics: 2. Tuscan Vine Easy Care, 3. Linen Sage, 4. Small Check Sage, 5. Moroccan Stripe, 6. Crimson Twill 7. Khaki Twill

One of my FAVE patterns…I love the geometric pattern and
Rug: 1.  Trellis Rug
Fabrics: 2. Malabar Sand, 3. Laguna Khaki, 4. Caramel Twill, 5. Zebra Woven, 6. Off White Quilted

If you’d like to see more products from Ballard click here!

Photos: Ballard Designs

Happy Friday all & looking forward to the warm weekend!


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