Tuesday; Blues Day!

Brr… It’s windy and cold today no where near compared to the spring like weather we had yesterday. It was warm and beautiful here in Connecticut and most of all it was Valentine’s Day! My morning was going oh so well until I got hit with some disappointing news. My company started laying off people and I was one of them-who got cut! But I got through it with a smile on my face and my head held high. I was always told once one door closes another door opens. And the way I see it, it’s an opportunity hiding in disguise. So I look forward to a much brighter future! So in that memory I was inspired by blue. When people think of blue they think of depression, sadness and sorrow. But for me I see beauty, and style. Cheers to the blues!

Waking up to a view this beautiful is a dream come true! I already imagined myself sitting out on the balcony sipping a mimosa reading the local newspaper and planing my daily activities. The view is overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love the vintage chandelier gives it charm and history. The fresh greenery from the vase makes the table pop! The white architecture details just flows around the table. It’s clean and simple!

What I first noticed about this room were the floral picture frames that drew my eyes up to the ceiling. Now that’s how you play up a high ceiling!I love working with different shades from the same color palate. The pattern is used from the drapes and then repeated along the two side chairs. The other colors are pulled from the print to make the room work.

Could you imagine this being your dining room? I would use this space for more than just making dinner with family and friends. How would you use this space?

Please don’t wake me if I’m dreaming! The wall paper along the walls are small in detail but adds a touch of elegance. The room itself reminds me of Hollywood glam!

Photos: House Beautiful
Good Morning Tuesday Bloggers!


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