Weekly Finds

As I’m learning more and more about the blogging world. I’m going to try and post things that I find in the store(s) that I love, hate, just don’t get or adore. As much as I’m addicted to shopping for things for my home. I have to be realistic and know I can’t buy everything I see. So I mostly just walk on by and keep it moving. But from here on out before I depart from these items I come across. I’ll take a snap shot of it to share with you the finds I come across throughout my travels. So below check out what I came across this past week.

The one that got away

TJ Maxx Find

When I first saw this, there were two and when I came back last week there was only one. So I picked it up walked around the store (as I do when I’m uncertain about a purchase). And sadly, I had to put it back. My plan was to fill it with rolled up towels and lay it down on it’s side (so you can see the multicolored rolled towels) on my floating shelves. However, after thinking about it I realized that it was too large.

Decorative Storage Box

TJ Maxx

My next selection that I came across, and I may go back to buy is this gorge (short version for gorgeous) storage box. It came in white and the signature color of Tiffany’s. These make great decorative accessories for your office, living room. Basically anywhere you choose fit. What I like most about this box it’s clean and not to busy with a pattern or shape. This box could be used to store just about anything as it comes in a variety of sizes. So if you’ve got some stuff you’d like to put away.



Cute Bowl

TJ Maxx

When I first saw this bowl I thought of designing my kitchen around something like this. I love the blue and green that’s incorporated in the bowl. My imagination just went! I thought of floating shelves. But the shelves would be a rustic look. The wood be aged like about at least 75 years old. The bowls matching the rest of the set. Stainless steel appliances. Tericotta tiles, white farm sink, etc. Okay well you see where I’m going with all this.

Cute but no...

TJ Maxx

I think this was cute…but not really my taste. So moving on.


OMG!!! It took almost every bit of me not to buy all these candle holders. If anything one of the things I think a home should have are candles. When lit up at night there something about the reflection they give off on the walls that give an intimate feel and warmth. However I had to resist because I didn’t have any place to put it. So moving on…

Oil Lamp

Now this I had to have!! I couldn’t resist. I took pictures of it and was ready to walk out the store. Until my friend persuaded me to get it and so I did! I’m planning to make some sort of use out of it this summer. Only thing is I wish there was one more to go with it. I’m thinking of putting some sea shells around it cause right now it’s pretty bland in there.


I’m seeing lots of beach theme items throughout the stores right now. I’ve always loved sea shells, especially star fish!

P.S. As you can see I love Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Homegoods. People overlook the potential of what these stores have to offer. But I also love my Pottery Barn, Pier 1 and etc.

So the fab and not so fab finds continue. If you see anything in my post that you like and would like to inquire more about please let me know and I will pass any information I have along.


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