Kola Rose Home Office

I’m in the begining stages of designing my own home office (multi-functional) space. Space is limited and I need a place to do my work. Because I can not continue to use my bed as my office/sleeping quarters. Working and sleeping in the same space  is a big NO NO! I need to reclaim my bed.  Below I have a pictures to show what will be incorporated in the room.


1. The room needs better lighting so I found this at www.lampsplus.com.
2. I have a chair similar to this that I purchased on craigslist. Yes, you read right! It was my first purchase ever on this site. And I was even optomistic when I got it for a steal of a deal! I now need to reupolster it which I’m still trying to find a fabric to go with it.
3. I’ve done a client’s kitchen in this same print (I mentioned in an earlier post). When I put it up on my own rod to make sure everthing looked ok. I immediately decided that it will look GORGE in this space. There’s so many colors in there that I can pull from for the rest of the room.
4. The flooring desperatly needs to change. So I’ve turned to www.flor.com for some inspiration. One reason why I like this company is because their made of squares or circles. So it’s easy to switch them out if an area gets too dirty or if you just feel for a change.
5. The walls are currently this color. But it could use a fresh coat.
6. And last but surely not least are my floating shelves. I love the dark color from the wood and the exotic feel from it.

All of these colors are either being pulled from the window decor or just something I felt would be a good fit for the room. I can’t wait to see it all put together.


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