Shop Your Home

The holidays are rapidly approaching and you want to dress up your home but you’re already strapped for cash. Think of it as your on a budget, need new clothes, but don’t have any funds to shop for new items what do you do?! You shop your closet as they say. So why not apply that same rule to your house? Nowadays everyone’s looking for a bargain. But the truth is you may already have things in your home you can reuse as something new. Start by borrowing from one room and placing it in another for a different use. For example, you may have sheets that have either shrunk in the wash or just don’t like them for the room anymore. Use those same sheets as either a tablecloth or turn it into curtain panels.

Or, if you’re a wine drinker…take that same wine bottle (remove label) and use it on a daily basis. Put your favorite beverage in and serve to your guest(s).

Now here’s another example for you to think of. Ever thought of putting a chandelier in your bathroom?! Well, I did just that in mine. My father had this lovely piece in the basement just sitting there. I asked him to clean it up and let me put it in the bathroom. It gives the room character and it’s not something you would think of.


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