Getting The Deal To Close!

Every day as I drive to and from work I see a lot of homes on the market to sell. Some are magnificent.  Others are just plain down outright hideous!! Unfortunately, some families can’t keep their homes any longer. Either they bought way too much house then they can actually afford. While others lost their jobs, had to take a pay cut or some other reason(s) that left them in this situation. The end result; sell or foreclose your home.

On the upside of things it’s a buyer’s market! Buying a home now is the best move to make. Mortgage rates are low and that house that you’ve been dreaming of just could be yours for the taking…or maybe not because so many others are bidding for the same one. But that’s just it!! There’s something about that particular house that has everyone drooling over.

What makes this house so different then the other house down the street? Maybe, it’s the architectural build the custom built-ins, square feet, you get where I’m going with this. But aside from these important details you see soon as you walk in. The house is decorated!!

A staged home usually sells quicker then a house that’s not. The reason for this is a potential buyer likes to walk into a home to see how the room is being used. What’s the function of the room? Is it a family room or is it a formal living room? Does the bedroom serenade you as you walk through the door? Or does it scream help me?

A house is already a HUGE expense. so when a buyer comes in they want to see how they’ll be able to layout their own furniture. So minimal is better then clutter. Next time you put your house on the market think about leaving a few pieces in your old home to give the new buyer some imagination to play off.


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