Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

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While I was out browsing for items for my brand. I came across this duvet cover. My client was in desperate need of a make over in her room. She currently had light & dark brown silk drapes behind her bed which I played off. I’ve paired the bed with 2 euro pillows located in the far back to give the bed a more fuller look. From there I pulled the colors from the drapes on to the bed. Which is the main focus of the room.

This bedroom lacked character and needed a little sprucing up. I installed small mirrors behind the lamps to give a little contrast. While working on a small budget I was able to come across some fabulous finds in my search!  Both tables I bought from Marshall’s for about $100. The tray in front of the lamp fixture is from my personal collection. I added some candles to make the look complete for about $8.00. Boxes at the bottom of the table are from Home Goods about $80 total. The mirrors behind each lamp were about $70 total.

At the foot of the bed. We needed to add storage and a seating area. The room didn’t have any place for a chair so the bench works in more than one way! I loved the leather tufted seating. It gives the room some texture.

I hope you enjoyed looking through the room as much as I enjoyed decorating it!


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